The India Booth
Group Show
January 7-25, 2012

Since its inception, a cornerstone of Ggallery’s mission has been to broaden cross-cultural dialogue among artists and arts presenters around the globe. Building upon the gallery’s 2009 presentation of Blast India featuring the work of Bari Kumar, Om Soorya, Rahul Mitra, and Laxman Aelay, G’s connection to India continues to grow. Later this month, G, in partnership with Redbud Gallery, will feature the work of Texas-based artists Amita Bhatt (Houston), Bill Fitzgibbons (San Antonio), Wayne Gilbert (Houston), Sharon Kopriva (Houston), Angelbert Metoyer (Houston), Rahul Mitra (Houston), and Gary Sweeney (San Antonio), as well as the work of Ramzy Telley (Brooklyn) and Laxman Aelay (Mumbai) at the 4th Edition of New Delhi’s India Art Fair. G is thrilled to be one of only four U.S. galleries represented at the fair and we look forward to the opportunity to present these artists on an international stage.

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