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No Justification Required Six artists. Six hosts.
Florencia Bohtlingk, Anna-Lisa Marjak, Rosalba Mirabella, Victoria Musotto, Laura Spivak, Lorena Ventimiglia, Monique Thiteaux-Altschul
April 7-29, 2012

008 - Copy

Presented in partnership with Braga Menéndez Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. www.galeriabm.com. Curated by Flor Braga Menéndez, Guido Ignatti, Laura Spivak, Luis Parenti and María Laura Rosa. No Justification Required, an exhibition of work by Anna-Lisa Marjak, Florencia Bohtlingk, Laura Spivak, Lorena Ventimiglia, Vicky Musotto, and Monique Altschul, is rooted in collaboration. The artists, all […]