Newfangled Notions #53 (The Blue Period)
Jeffrey Wheeler
June 29 & 30, 2013


The “Blue Period” works feature iconic images of a rural past, mixed with art historical references, rendered in thin, often expressive monochromatic oil washes. These are not nostalgic reminiscences but interventions, re-examinations of ideas and ideals that remain powerful and, therefore, in need of critical attention. The large-scale sketches alternately materialize/de-materialize, like the iconic/mythic images themselves, ducking and dodging, evading our ability to nail down their meaning and function, just like they like it. Recalling, or not, how personal and social memory works, and how (especially photo-based) re-presentation acts as memory-triggers, these may at least ostensibly be about shifting perception(s), an art of becoming and (un)becoming.

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