Kyle Olson
State of Denial

To rudely paraphrase Hegel, the notion of a beginning is often misleading when that beginning refers to a system of thought or belief. This notion of a beginning is especially misleading because it often gives us the misconception that we are contemplating a linear system. Hegel proposed that instead of a linear system if we were to instead envision a circular system then any one point would serve as well as another for a beginning. Hegel was of course referring to philosophy but this idea applies equally well to systems of thought such as those created by the bodies of work of artists. Each point upon a circle leads to another and likewise each work of art stands in regards to the next as a point on a circle. Every progression, in philosophy or art, gives a better understanding of all that came before it. A concern for this type of understanding is what motivates me.

In describing my project or practices, I concentrate on the things that I’m not doing. Art is not a thing which benefits terribly from positive description. I approach my studio practice without a positive system. Or perhaps I attempt to tear away the mental divisions one is left with when using positive descriptions. This is one of the most beneficial explanations I can think of for my work.

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