Bless My Sole
Brian Neal Sensabaugh
August 7-29, 2010

Objects speak to me. They hint at their own destiny and of the interaction they want to have with other things.

That is the basis of my work as an artist. I call this process Ouija Art. In creating my assemblages and installations, I reinvent or revitalize things that would normally be discarded or overlooked – and in the process become a giver of new life. Objects tell me exactly what they are going to do and how they are going to do it. I am merely a vessel to transpose their thoughts to reality. I am a Ouijist. Found objects play a very important role in my work. Things cross my path for a reason. I hear their stories, appreciate their history and help them reach their next destination.

I am fortunate enough to be able to listen and bring these objects together in a harmonious balance that is agreed upon between the objects themselves and me, the artist. The result is an evolution of new beginnings.

My next show is entitled: BLESS MY SOLE. For this body of work, I was drawn to imagery of shoes, feet and objects that are associated with them. The energy in a well-worn pair of baby shoes connected with me. Thinking of the places they had traveled and their potential filled me with a strong desire to share their story.

Through the process of creating the artwork for this show, I learned a simple truth.

Knowing the journey of someone’s soles will give you insight to the voice of their soul.

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