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104 Work Weeks: On Tour With the Merce Cunningham Dance Company
Kenneth E. Parris III
May 5-25, 2012

During 2010 and 2011, Kenneth Parris III accompanied the Merce Cunningham Dance Company on the road in order to document their final tour.  This Legacy Tour showcased eighteen works in fifty cities around the world and featured the last group of dancers personally trained by Cunningham himself. After fifty-eight years of artistic achievement, the Merce […]

No Justification Required Six artists. Six hosts.
Florencia Bohtlingk, Anna-Lisa Marjak, Rosalba Mirabella, Victoria Musotto, Laura Spivak, Lorena Ventimiglia, Monique Thiteaux-Altschul
April 7-29, 2012

008 - Copy

Presented in partnership with Braga Menéndez Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Curated by Flor Braga Menéndez, Guido Ignatti, Laura Spivak, Luis Parenti and María Laura Rosa. No Justification Required, an exhibition of work by Anna-Lisa Marjak, Florencia Bohtlingk, Laura Spivak, Lorena Ventimiglia, Vicky Musotto, and Monique Altschul, is rooted in collaboration. The artists, all […]

One Big Misunderstanding
Otis Ike
Ivete Lucas
March 3 - April 1, 2012 

Otis Ike and Ivete Lucas’ One Big Misunderstanding brings together four years of the duo’s film and photography documentation of Vietnam War reenactments.  Throwing themselves into the reality and theater of reenactments in Pennsylvania and Texas, Ike and Lucas emerge with a story that tries to understand its participants and their role in America’s struggle, […]

Jerry Cabrera
February 4-26, 2012

Upon a visit to a concentration camp and the Jewish Museum in Germany several years ago, San Antonio-based artist Jerry Cabrera first began to consider the importance of light in isolated environments, particularly environments of extreme suffering and those spaces considered sacred, such as a church or cathedral. Light denotes life, knowledge, hope, warmth and […]

The India Booth
Group Show
January 7-25, 2012

Since its inception, a cornerstone of Ggallery’s mission has been to broaden cross-cultural dialogue among artists and arts presenters around the globe. Building upon the gallery’s 2009 presentation of Blast India featuring the work of Bari Kumar, Om Soorya, Rahul Mitra, and Laxman Aelay, G’s connection to India continues to grow. Later this month, G, […]

Scott Teplin
December 3, 2011 - January 2, 2012

Curated by Diane Barber. New York-based artist Scott Teplin is an obsessive drawer known for creating meticulously rendered drawings in which real world objects morph into a fantastical amalgamation of discordant forms, shapes, and colors. For his newest series, CRASH, Teplin collages found photographs of horrifying crash scenes and then redraws these compositions over and […]

Solid Substance
Texas Sculpture Group
November 5-28, 2011

Texas Sculpture Group Exhibition curated by Houston’s favorite Catherine Anspon, Fine Arts Editor, “Paper City”, Houston and author of the publication “Texas Artists Today.” With the work of Steve Brudniak, Bianca Basso, Hans Molzberger, Linda Kim, James Ciosek, Hank Waddell, Roger Colombik, George Tobolowsky, Peter Mangan, Steven Murphy, John Webb, Brandon Heinley, Kurt Dyrhaug, Stephen Daly, Jack Gron, Gary Webernick, Bert Long, Brooke Gassiot, Brent Baggett, Michelle O’Michael, Margaret Losinski, Sharon Kopriva, Susan Plum, Jill Bedgood, Andrew Bellatti Green and Bill […]

Forever and Thereafter
Bill Hailey
October 1-31, 2011 Bill Hailey is old enough to know better but young enough to think he can still get away with it. He was raised by missionaries in various Asian countries but gleefully embraces the notion that beauty and the devil are the same thing. He has a Masters in Painting but wants his money back, […]

Redundant Recursions
Wheeler Brothers, Ryan Geiger, and James Porter
September 3-26, 2011

New collaborations by the Wheeler Brothers, Ryan Geiger, and James Porter. The G Gallery is proud to present what promises to be a visual extravaganza featuring collaborative work between the infamous Wheeler Brothers (Lubbock, Texas), Ryan Geiger (Houston, Texas), and James A. Porter (Wichita, Kansas). For the past year, these artists and friends have been […]

Double Helix
Colin Johnson
Jason Limon
August 6-29, 2011

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