show dates

September 6 - 28


Saturday, September 6, 6-9PM


show dates

October 4 - 26


Saturday, October 4, 6-9PM


The G Gallery is a Houston Based Contemporary Art Space located in the Historic Houston Heights.

A few words from the G

The G was the destination for an awful lot of folks this month. In keeping with curator and Paper City Arts Editor Catherine Anspon’s large art reach in Houston along with her great drawing exhibition, the G has been delighted with steady traffic so far this July. The show is up until July 24 and we hope to have many more drawing AFICIONADO’s stop by. If for any reason you need special attention outside of gallery hours you can call me or text me and I can meet you.
Wayne G 713-822-4842

Coming up next at the G:
As the sweltering heat of August comes and goes, the G will present the kool offering of some of Houston’s artists and folks that help promote other artists.

We will top off the summer with a little invitational by the Ggallery’’s own G called “Sho Hot” and will present an intriguing cross section of Houston’ movers and shakers. Artists on board: Patrick Bresnan, Casey Arguelles Gregory, Tommy Gregory, David Hardaker, Randall L. Kallinen, Cody Ledvina, Lynet McDonald, Rahul Mitra, Sebastian Montes, Brad Moody, Erika Pochybova, Mark Ponder, Ariane Roesch, Megan Spacek, Jacob Spacek.

This group of high profile players (present company excluded) will make sure you get a good mix of cerebral eye candy to get you through to the first cool front, I hope. I think you will find the variety and mastery delightful and wide ranging in discipline. I hope you will join us if you can.

Also a little side note. Our FotoFest artist Lori Nix made the cover of Time Magazine. Thumbs up to Lori! Check it out