show dates

January 3 - 30, 2015


SATURDAY, January 3, 2015


show dates

February 7 - March 4, 2015


SATURDAY, February 7, 2015


show dates

March 7 - April 1, 2015


SATURDAY, March 7, 2015

The G Gallery is a Houston Based Contemporary Art Space located in the Historic Houston Heights.

A few words from the G

Hello Ggallery Patrons and Friends,

Ah.h.h…some cooler weather and the fall ART SEASON. Always a welcome relief from the last couple of months of summer.

1. We want to thank our great artist and major musical phenom, Morgan Sorne, for a great opening and a fantastic musical performance on opening night. Anybody interested in learning a little more about Morgan can go to his website The Ggallery will be doing a house concert early next year of his new music.

2. We want to invite everybody to join us @ the opening of Houston’s, Kelly Alison “Blind Ambition” show on November 1, 2014. Kelly has been one of Houston’s favorite painters for a long time and the Ggallery is pleased to present her work again.

3. Then – be on the lookout for an earth shattering show by Hillerbrand and Magsmen, “Full House”, curated by the famous ex-Director of the Ggallery, Diane Barber. Hope y’all can come, as I am pretty sure you will like these super Mandala’s and a few unknowns!

4. We have a big beginning in 2015 with J Todd Allison in January, Roberta Harris in February and Antonio Farfan in March.

As to my stuff, Rahul Mitra and I had a great experience at Bard speaking to the art history students. Rahul dazzled them with art and science and I dazzled them with… well who knows!! But, our visit with Professor Susan Aberth was enriching and could possibly lead to some exciting events in the future. THEN – the whirlwind trip to NYC: visiting lots of galleries, my friend and poet Nick Flyn in Brooklyn, along with Ramzy Telly, original Rubber member and Professor of film and video at Pratt, then the dear Barbara MacAdams of Artnews, whew, ending up at one of the Ggallery artists, Fabio D’Aroma’s solo show at Jonathan Levine Gallery. GEEZ – I better sit down and rest a minute! I was delighted to be included in the Red Arrow Contemporary Gallery in Dallas for the exhibition, “Momento Mori” and also “Ulterior Motifs” at the Underwood Center in Lubbock. Then, I have a pretty nice first of next year coming up with shows in New Delhi and….. finally, I hope everybody feels comfortable letting us know your thoughts. It’s hard to stay open minded, but I try. Best, WD/ Gman